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"I feel like since I've been wearing Green Screen Apparel, every animator in my team is a genius."
 Kristof Serrand - Dreamworks

"I feel like I am animating faster since I received my Green Screen Apparel."
 Glen Keane - Disney

"Since I wear Green Screen Apparel, my producer stopped asking me to work weekends!"
 Anonymous Nuke Artist - Film Images Company

"As soon as I wore my first Green Screen Apparel t-shirt, all my shaders seems to be automatically PBR and my renders well tonemapped! It's amazing!"
 Hugo Jackson - The Mill

"Since I swapped to Green Screen Apparel, my clients seems to have grown a brain!"
 Anonymous Lead Artist


"I felt like Toy Story 3 was the best film we've ever done. Then I received my Green Screen Apparel t-shirt, and instantly had the whole script of Toy Story 4 in my head!"
John Lasseter - Pixar

"It's crazy! Since I've been wearing Green Screen Apparel, I only receive well paid job offers, and no more "good exposure" jobs!"
Anonymous Freelance Artist

"All my retakes are so easy to do since I'm wearing my teeshirt!" 

Joakim "Indamix" Reidinger - John Smith, ULM






Obviously these reviews are fake and ironic. But they could be true if you start wearing Green Screen Apparel


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